Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 25: Out With the Old and In with the New….Mission President

Our mission president is now home! It’s crazy that we have a new mission president. Elder Thompson and I were the second pair of missionaries to meet President Browning! The APs were the first. It was really neat to meet them, they are so nice, and very talkative. We already talked about after the mission, he told me some good fishing spots in Idaho. It was awesome.

Always, I should probably get started telling you about my week! This week was truly amazing! We were able to meet our mission’s Standard of Excellence (SOE) goals over the last 2 weeks.
 To reach SOEs we need to find two new investigators, set one baptismal date and have at least one investigator attend church.  Pretty high goals, right?

Well, last week we found three new investigators, set one baptismal date and we had one investigator attend church.

This week, we found two new investigators, set three baptismal dates, and had three investigators attend church.

So, needless to say we wrecked it this week!!! :)

Monday:  I loved emailing with you guys, it’s always fun. Emailing home makes my week. So much so, I have a new motto, "Survive until Monday."  So, no matter how rough my week is, all I have to do is "survive until Monday"

Tuesday was a good day.  We got to go to Beads of Courage and we helped out for two hours.  After lunch, we did some finding and studies until we had a lesson with an investigator named A___.  A___ has been coming to church for several years and has never felt a desire to be baptized…until she went through the temple open house. Now, she is meeting with us and said she would do whatever it takes to be baptized.  We have a baptismal date set for the 22nd of July and we are looking forward to helping her make the next steps.

Text Messages from our Zone Leaders :)

Wednesday was another amazing day.  We had our district meeting and zone breakout where we meet to discuss our goals.  After district meeting we went out to eat at the new Costa Vida that is owned by a church member.  We went on their grand opening and there was a lot of church members there. We talked to most of them and they all wanted to pay for our meal.  Everybody loves the missionaries.  It was a pleasure being there, lol. Especially, when you live the life of a broke missionary.  After Costa Vida, we meet with another referral named K___ S___.  He has a friend in Oregon who has been talking to him about the church.  One day, a couple months ago, a set of missionaries stopped by K___’s, but never returned.  Now, he had us over to teach him three lessons one week.  He is on track for baptism on the 15th of July! I am truly blessed to be helping both A___ and K___ towards baptism!

Thursday:  We did service at Beads of Courage.  After lunch, we did some finding until we had an appointment with A___ again after that we had a good member visit with Bro.  L___.  He is a Samoan who plays rugby. He and his wife will be getting sealed in Temple on Oahu in November!  After this we had dinner with the S___ family.  After dinner, two of our appointments fell through, so then we did family history instead.

Forest Fire

Friday:  We did our weekly planning and then had a lesson with K___.  It went very well.  We taught him the Plan of Salvation and we emphasized it’s importance. K__ loved it!  After the lesson Elder Thompson and planned for a couple hours and then had dinner with the C___ family.  He owns a restaurant called Kneaders (Super good, look it up).  He made us his favorite dish from his restaurant and then gave us gift cards for Kneaders!!!!  I’m so excited to go there because it was awesome!  After we ate, I shared a message with them.  I shared Mormon 9:19-21. They both loved it. They were going through a rough time and they said that this message made them realize they needed to take a step back and look at how good they have had it! They loved it! After that we did some finding.

Saturday:  We had a whole bunch of tiny things to do.  We did a little service here a little service there.  We ran to pick up some stuff we need and we dropped off something for someone.  We had another lesson with A___ and later with K__.  K__ didn’t have a tie to wear to church on Sunday, so I gave him both of my purple ties since purple is his favorite color.  He was so happy and loved the ties.  I figured he could use them more than I needed them. Here is a little bout K___, he is an African American retired air force vet! He is quite a hoot and we love teaching him.

Sunday was a good day.  We got to set through the meeting block with K__.  Man, he is so funny, everyone at church loved him and he got along with everyone.  For the first time ever, I got to sit through a High Priest lesson, and believe it or not, it was better than Elders Quorum, lol. We did more finding and family history after Sunday meetings.

More forest fire... :O

All-in-all, it was a wonderful week!  This week, I want to invite every one of us to look for the tender mercies of the Lord in our lives. Whether its rain, you haven’t seen for 6 months, a beautiful sunset, or anything that helps you realize how amazing life is!  If you going through a rough time, turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones!

Mom, Dad, everyone, 

I love all so much!  Thanks for all the support and everything you do.


Elder Dickinson 

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