Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 29: The best two years of my life…(its not what you are thinking)

The best two years of my life started when I picked up a little pup for the first time. He was mine, I named him Finley.  As we grew close to each other we formed a bond similar to that of someone who had accidentally super glued their fingers together. Yes, we went everywhere together.  He trusted me and I trusted him. He was my shotgun rider, my right hand man, my brother. He was my everything. Unfortunately, Finley developed a brain issue and passed away this week.  Now, he is taking good care of (and vice-versa) my Grandpa Dickinson. He’s in a better place now.  Am I happy with it? That he is in a better place; yes. That he is gone; NO.  I’m not okay with that.  He only lived for two years, far too short of a time, but he completed and aced his mission.  Why he was sent here? Not only to steal the hearts of the Dickinson family, but to bring us closer together as a family. So, I not only want to thank him for that, but I wish he knew how much he meant to me. What hurts the most is…the night before I left on my mission, seven months ago.  I told him, “I will see you in two years,” but I won’t.  I wish I could have been there for him, but I wasn’t. We had different ideas on when we would see each other again, I guess - but until that time, Finley...I love you and hope you enjoy chasing rabbits for days up there. Take good care of Grandpa D!

My Bestfriend. RIP buddy, I love you
PC: E.V.

But anyways, this week was kind of lax, so to say.  Almost nothing happened - just a lot of finding with no results.

Tuesday: We woke up and did our morning routine and then we went to Beads of Courage and worked there for two hours.  Afterwards, we ate lunch and then did more finding until our dinner appointment with the W___ family. After that went to the church and synced up our area books - that is when I got the news that Finley wasn't doing too well.  Tuesday night we also played basketball with some ward members until it was time to go to bed.

Wednesday:  We woke up and then we went to Zone Break out Meetings, then later went to our District Meeting followed by lunch at home.  We went out to do some finding, then did our studies.  It was then I got the news that Finely was going to be put down and I lost my mind!  I was so distraught, so sad, but it was for the best. It’s always hard to say goodbye, but it had to happen.

Thursday:  I was broken. I was so sad. I didn’t know what to do and kind of moped around the first part of the day.  But, then we went to Beads of Courage and did service, which got my mind off of how I felt.  After Beads, we went and helped move some Elders out of their old apartment and into a different one.  So, I ended up doing service for most the day to keep my mind off of Finley. So, I was able to cope with it.  We had dinner and then we did some family history until the end of the a day.  I ended up being super sore from doing all the service.

Friday started off at Beads of Courage to help out with service and then we went out to lunch to Sushi Ten. After that, I don’t need to eat sushi for a while now, lol. The good thing about Friday was I was able to be so busy I didn’t have to think of you know what.  I’m doing a lot better than I thought I would be.  We also did some weekly planning and finding and then headed to a dinner appointment.

Saturday morning started off with doing service for the B___ family.  They are building a house and we are helping them with a whole bunch of stuff.  I helped by sanding their floors upstairs so they can put hardwood flooring down. It was fun, but my knees hurt afterwards. We did this from 9:00 to 3:00, so it was a pretty fun time and they had good food! After this we did family history until dinner. After dinner we did some finding and then worked out for the rest of the night.

Sunday:  We went to church and it was an awesome Sunday.  I don’t exactly know why, but it just kind of flew by, for some reason. After church, instead of eating lunch we took a nap and then did some finding and then went to dinner a dinner appointment, which was awesome.

I’m super sorry this week’s email sort of sucked.... but I’m still kind of broken from all that has happened this week.  We had planned to go fishing today, but everything fell through.  So, today will be just another normal P-Day.  I’m kind of glad about that because I want to email with Mom since she has the day off and I usually don’t get to email with her that much when she is working.

I just want to let y’all know, I love each and every one of you. I honestly do!  Missionaries, i resect what you are doing; Satan doesn’t want you out here on your mission so keep on trucking!


Elder Dickinson 

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