Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 28: Best week of my mission yet! Wooohooo!

Two more souls are closer to inheriting the kingdom of God this weekend...


This week has been amazing! I guess I will just cut right to the chase...why not, right?

Last Monday was awesome.  Getting to write home and trade emails with you guys; it literally is the highlight of my week! It is what gets me through the hard parts of the week - even though I didn’t have a bad week, it still helps! The weeks feel like days and the days feel like weeks, it that makes sense, lol.

Tuesday: We did service at Beads of Courage. We usually do service there for two hours at a time.  After Beads of Courage we ate lunch and had time to do our studies. I've just started the New Testament. I have gained a better knowledge of the Book of Mormon. So, why not expand and study the books of scripture people try to use against us, right?  After studying, we had K__’s baptismal interview. He passed! His testimony is awesome. He told us he would have a cup of coffee every morning, then the day he meet us, he quit - cold turkey! He is so solid!

Remember, K__ is a retired veteran. One of our converts of three years named Billy, also a veteran took K__ shopping and bought K___ a suit, white shirts, ties and shoes. It goes to show that there is still hope for humanity!

After all this we had dinner and a follow up visit with K___ that went well!

Wednesday:  We had District meeting until lunch. After lunch we did our studies, then we went on splits with our District Leader.  I went to Tucson Central Ward, because the work there is slow.  We did some active member visits then we talked to some crazy people. That pretty much sums up our splits.

Thursday:  We headed out to Beads of Courage.  They pointed out; since I transferred to Tucson I have done over 38 hours of service for them! So, they gave us some home baked goods!  I loved it!  After Beads, we ate lunch and went with A____ to her baptismal interview. She passed too! After her interview we stopped by K__’s and taught him one last lesson before his baptism! Then we had dinner then did some stop-bys.

These monsoons here are amazing!

Friday:  We went to Beads of Courage and then we had lunch until we did our weekly planning which took up the rest of the day - literally!

Saturday was probably the highlight of my mission so far!  It started with us waking up early for zone sports. Having to wake up super early is not fun.  When we got home, I accidentally fell asleep while we were talking in the kitchen, lol.  I must have been pretty tired!  Later, went to a baptism for a convert taught by the other Elders in our District.  We went to feel the Spirit and support the Elders and the new member, as well.  Shortly after baptism, K___ showed up in his new suit and looked good.  When he saw the program for his baptism had his name on it, he was so spiritually overwhelmed and excited.  Is there any way you guys can blow up some pictures and frame them for K__?   He was still on cloud nine afterwards.  He was so, so happy. We Skyped in his friend that referred him!

My favorite part of the whole thing was the hug he gave me when he first came out of the water.  No joke, I think he had a smile on his face while he was under the water, lol.  While he hugged me he said, “I can’t believe my Elder tried to drown me.". I almost lost it, lol. There are so many details, I’m probably missing some.  Maybe the best way to put it is in K__’s own words “The best day of my life.”  

The baptismal service was special because it was a double baptism.  A__ was also baptized by a friend of hers from the ward she had been attending.  Remember A__?  She was the investigator who had been going to church for 3 years and hadn’t had a desire to be baptized, until she went to the temple open house.   Having a double baptism was an awesome experience because it opened my eyes to how fast the Lord’s work is progressing.  A__ and K___ are proof of that.  They both reached out, trying to find us because they knew it was true!  And, it’s just proof that as missionaries we are privileged to be out here, serving the people of Arizona and New Mexico.

Myself, K__ & Elder Thompson

A___& K___'s Baptism
Skyping with K___'s friend who introduced him to the church.

Hmmm, how many baptismal poses can we come up with!
Love how happy K__ looks! :D

Sunday, during Sacrament Meeting, I got to confirm A___ a member of the church! It was a special moment as well. It was my first time doing it, but it went well so that’s good! 

This week was a major success and one of the best weeks of my mission so far, no doubt.

I love y'all so much!


Elder Dickinson

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