Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 21: Ask for RURAL and you will get Central Tucson

Monday, P-Day was amazing. We had a good morning in Lordsburg that included:  Cleaning, apartment inspections, washing the truck and picked up my new boots. I’m so pumped about them - I love them to death. So that’s not the only reason the morning in Lordsburg was good. Do not let me fool you 😅 it wasn’t just because of the boots! I loved getting to talk to Mom and Dad, and of course My brother, Elder DeMille (he helps me through a lot)! And, I cannot forget the Lovely Sister McBride, she always finds a way to make my week! LOVE YOU ALL!

This weeks' haul of cockroaches!

:O :O :O
Tuesday: Hmm… I have mixed emotions about Tuesday. Tuesday was a pretty good day, I guess. It started out by going to food bank and getting 5 hours of work done in 2 hours. If nothing else, Lordsburg is teaching me patience, hard work, and skills l will use for my major and BYUI😀😉.  After working at the food bank, we went to the V____’s. We were supposed to do service, but he had a bunch of questions. I MEAN A BUNCH - 3 hours’ worth, actually. They talked nonstop for 3 hours. It was an amazing spiritual moment. Some tears were shed, love was felt and it was awesome.  After the V___’s we went home and did studies and then had dinner with S___. Man, I’m going to miss this guy. It was awesome to be part of the effort that got him to come back to church. Now, he will also be going to the temple on Memorial Day for our Stake Temple Day! Our lesson turned into us sharing stories about our accidents. He had one in Ohio, where he fell. I followed by sharing my hunting accident and followed that up with my testimony. He started crying and I was sitting there like “What happened?” – lol. It was another spiritual moment.  After dinner, we made about 8 contact attempts, all of which fell through. But that was Tuesday!

Saying good bye to H & C

Best Ward Mission Leader (Bro H) and his son Zane
Zane has blue hair and just won state so hes wearing all of his medals! :)

Wednesday: We drove to Duncan and picked up the elders and drove to District Meeting in Clifton. We had district meeting for about an hour and a half, then went to R and R for the last time as a member of the Dirty Duncan District. We then started our way back to Lordsburg, dropped the other elders off and drove to Lordsburg. We then tried to see some people, but it really did not work out.  Either no one was home or they were busy.  About 30 minutes before dinner, we knocked this one door and a guy answered the door.  He said he was Catholic, but said he was willing to learn. Who knows what will come from that. After talking to him for 15 minutes we went out to the Bishop’s and had dinner with all the youth – all 4 of them.  After the cookout, we got invited over to a family home evening kind of deal, where some members get together and play Books and Runs. It’s fun but the old-timers always win. By the time we finished it was bed time.

Youth Highway Clean up Dead Cat :(
Thursday was a pretty good day.  We spent a half-hour cleaning up our apartment. Then we headed out. Our original appointment was not home, so I showed my companion around Lordsburg – showing him all the people we haven't seen in the last month and a half because we've only been doing what he wanted to do.  So, leaving Lordsburg (all the effort, hard missionary work and all of the literal blood, sweat and tears Elder Degrange and I have shed) in his hands is going to be an act of faith. That’s for sure!  Anyways, we then went to C___ and H___’s and had a good talk.  We talked about everything under the sun. After that, we went to see L___ S___.  I shared Mosiah 4:33 - it’s a good scripture, look it up!  After a quick visit with them we headed home and packed and then headed to Animas for dinner. We ended up seeing the K___s, they made us dinner, tacos!  And man, were they good!  After dinner, we went outside and helped work on two steers to get them ready for being shown at the fair. It was a fun time and I did it all in my shirt and tie, lol. After the K____s we went home and I cooked for Paralee and Scott Richins’ son. We ended up making crab legs, hamburgers and sloppy joes. It took a while to make it all, but it was tasty.


Friday:  We did weekly planning and ate leftover sloppy joes for lunch.  The weekly plan says next week is going to be a super busy week.  I didn’t care because I won’t be in Lordsburg by then, lol. So, I just kind of sat there while my companion planned his week how he wanted it because if I even suggest something it doesn’t have a snowballs chance in you know where of making it into the plan.  So, I just enjoyed myself and relaxed. After a solid 4 hours of that I showed him around, to all the people we didn’t meet because we always do what he wants. So, that took an hour. After that we had dinner with the M___s, shared a quick message and gave them some last words of advice..."Jesus loves you." They laughed so hard for some reason.  After dinner, my companion had some words for me.  I just sat back and smiled it off.  There is not much you can do when you leave in 3 days. So, when we were supposed to go see the M____s (the family I've grown close to) before I transfer, instead he just sat there and told me everything I've done wrong.  I was nice enough NOT to share my two cents. Anyways, we went and did family history and went home and had a family night playing games with the Richins.

Saying goodbye to The P's & the adobe house we have helped with

Saturday:  We woke up, and went to the church to helped the Animas youth with the highway clean up. It was a fun time talking to the K___ kids and L___ E___.  We ended up cleaning 4 miles of highway. It was pretty cool, we didn’t really find anything other than a dead cat. After finally getting back, we grilled up some burgers, ate, then drove to Rodeo to help out the P___s one last time!  We actually did not do much other than move drywall, it was a good work out in 96 degree temps. After we worked, we helped them cook our dinner. They made a quick morning trip to Mexico, just to make ceviche. It had shrimp, octopus and clams in a broth of lime juice, cilantro and onion. It was super good, look it up!  I am probably murdering the explanation, lol. The acidity of the limes actually cooks the seafood. So, in a sense it’s like sushi. It was amazing. We also had it with sweet potatoes and yucca. After an amazing meal with them and their son we shared a message and talked about temples. Then we had to leave.  It was hard, only one tear shed, but I grew so close to them. They said I better come back and visit. We then drove home, and I learned how to make chili rellanos. Man, are they amazing or what?!?!  Later we got my transfer call. I am getting transferred too....wait for it....The Central Tucson Zone! Our zone just got a ton a awesome missionaries this transfer.  I can’t wait to be transferred there on Tuesday!

The steer we helped clean up for the show!

Sunday: I got to practice with the choir and I got to speak in Sacrament Meeting. I spoke about the priesthood and how it has blessed my life and how we can use it to bless the lives of others. It was very good, everybody was sad to hear I would be leaving. I have an amazing keep sake in a package I’m sending home! After church, we drove to Bro. H___’s house and had lunch with a bunch of people from the ward. It was a blast. Then went home packed, drove to animas and had dinner with Mel and Pam Richens, very good people. Then we came home and I’ve been doing laundry for 4 hours in preparation for transfers.

Southwestern USA words to live by! :)

Our plan for tomorrow is to go to the temple with the Richins, leaving at 7:45. We will be going to a picnic afterwards so we will be home around 4:00 and then volleyball at 6:00. So, I’ll be able to email from 5 to 7 your guys time, and a little after volleyball.

Until next time – from Tucson!


Elder Dickinson

Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 20: A Brutal Week in the Books (Boots) with a Long One to Come!

This will probably be my last week in Lordsburg! I have mixed emotions about it, actually. This place has been my home since January. It is funny how time flies when you are constantly doing service work.

This week is going to be a short email. Why? Because I was sick for half of it, so I did nothing but sleep. 

Monday was awesome - getting to talk to you guys! I know I always say that, but it’s usually the highlight of my week - especially now, that I coming to realize the importance of the family unit. It really makes me want rewind the last 18 years and instead of going out on Saturday nights, running the town, I would rather have spent the time with you guys (Mom and Dad). I just want you to know how much you mean to me. If I could express my love as number...there wouldn’t be one big enough.  No measuring tool could be long enough...get the hint... I love you guys so much...and that goes for all my family.

Tuesday:  We had to leave pretty early to drive to Zone Conference. On our way, I got an idea to pick up some Safford elders so they didn’t have to bike to ZC. Any guess who? Elder Degrange and his companion. It was awesome getting to see my mission Dad (trainer) again. After zone conference Elder Rodriguez had an appointment, so Elder Degrange and I went to get the truck fixed. While doing that we stopped and got Dairy Queen and talked about life, my transfer struggles and everything. It was what I needed to get through this week. At zone conference Sis Passey (the mission president’s wife) talked about staying heathy. At the time, the mission had 30 missionaries with the stomach flu. Afterwards, we drove the hour and a half to Lordsburg with no music - just silence. I didn’t feel well…stay tuned for Wednesday through Friday.

"Dad" (Elder Degrange) and I getting the truck fixed

Wednesday through Friday:

I got the stomach flu which means I did the following: 
1.      Slept constantly - day and night.
2.      Didn’t eat until Friday morning. 
3.      Extremities tingled from low blood sugar
4.      Threw up any medicine I took
5.      Died

During those 72 hours, I was only was awake for 3 of them.  I finally was able to eat Friday afternoon.  If that doesn’t convey how I felt Wednesday through Friday, I don’t know what does.

Saturday:   I woke up still slightly ill still, but put on my big boy pants and went to work.
We were blessed with the opportunity to serve at the H___’s house. Bro. Hansen and I hung dry wall in the morning and after lunch I got to finish painting the massive balcony I worked on last week.  We finished by 4:00 and I was covered in oil based paint and we then had a dinner appointment in Rodeo with the younger K___ family. It was good, curry with goat meat again. I’d say goat tastes like chicken...but that would be a lie, because it tastes like goat, lol. We then drove an hour home to Lordsburg.

I am pretty pumped about adding these beauties to my boot collection! (thumbs up)
My Mission Boots :)

Sunday was a pretty good day - until 3 at least. We attended church in Lordsburg and got to stand in on D___ M___’s priesthood ordination. I’d have to say it was almost as powerful as being able to baptize him. He is a great kid – he and his brother, both. After church, we had Ward Council followed by lunch with Bro H___. Then, we went home and did studies which were good. Then we went to see people. We had planned on visiting three people then coming home to clean for inspections. Well we got caught in one lesson for so long we didn’t get home until 9:30 and didn’t do anything else we had planned.

Sorry for a shorter email this week, but that was my week

I would love to hear from you all.

Much love from the ATM (Arizona Tucson Mission),

Elder Dickinson 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 19: My first baptism was a double!

Dear Family...Elders...Sisters,

Hope you all enjoyed Mother’s day, because I know I did!  It was amazing getting to skype home and talk to my family. I hope you all got the opportunity to do so. It was what I needed in this time, (for a lack of better term) a time of anguish. But with the knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel and of course the great counsel I got from talking with family, I was then able to calm the raging seas - for now, at least. But that’s improvement, and as my Dad always told me; incremental improvement is better than none at all. So thumbs up to Mother’s Day – and now I can’t wait for Christmas, lol!!

So, last Monday was quite an adventure. Sunday night, we drove up to Silver City, NM and enjoyed the P-Day there. We played basketball, went to the library, ate food, emailed - typical P-Day stuff. However, Monday morning Elder Pinson got sick with some sort of stomach bug.  He didn’t want to move at all, so he laid on a mattress at the church and slept and threw up all day. We had ridden up to Silver City with them, so we had to stay Monday night in Silver City waiting for Elder Pinson to recover. The hour car ride back home would have probably killed him.

This is a picture one of our district elders drew from the MTC. It all has something in it about us. Or something we did... Apparently I was the big tough guy! LOL Can you pick me out?

Tuesday: We woke up in Silver City to find Elder Pinson’s companion was sick as well. “Joy!  Who going to be next?” was the only thing running through my mind.  We had to get back to Lordsburg, so we made them tough it out and I drove the four of us home. After lunch in Lordsburg, we walked the mile to our appointment with H___ and C___. We had a great talk with them.  After that, we were walking home to do our personal study, when we realized we had to get to the church for the M___ boys’ interview. So, we got to the church right on time, but we ended up having to wait for the district leader to show up and conduct the interviews.  The M___ boys both passed!  After the interviews, our day went downhill. All of our appointments fell through, which is just part of missionary work.

Wednesday:  We got ready for district meeting and headed north to pick up the Duncan Elders on the way to Clifton AZ. After a rowdy district meeting in Clifton, we had a great authentic Mexican feast at a cash-only joint. It was super good!  Then, we headed south for an hour to Lordsburg and dropped off the Duncan Elders on the way. We got back to Lordsburg to do some service for L___ M___. It was a fun time doing service.  We cut branches, raked up pine needles and I got to clean out her gutters. It was fun. She was so happy, she offered to give me an old car.  She said I could pick it up after my mission over, lol. She also fed us flautas - something like rolled tacos. In the middle of dinner we got a call which told us we had a Stake Missionary Correlation Meeting in Duncan in an hour. We hurrily drove the 45 miles to get there, and ended up having a good, but long meeting. We then had to drive home and didn’t get back until 10:45. I was upset and tired; we ended up driving 235 miles that day.
Getting ready to paint 
Thursday:  We visited H___ and C___, where I was gifted with another old car. I later realized I had no way to get them to Wisconsin and had no place to put them if I did, so I had to graciously decline both offers. Later, after a decent meeting with H___ and C___ we headed home and got packed for the weekend and drove to Cotton City, NM for dinner with the H___s , they are great people. They are super nice and man do they have some hot green chilies. After dinner we hustled over to the H___’s (a different H___ family from the one in Lordsburg that you’ve read about before) house for service. After learning their story, I want to see how big of a difference I could make helping out at their house. Thursday night we picked up twigs and limbs and put them in a big dump trailer. Then we visited with them. She started crying and said they were waiting for someone to just come talk. They have lost several children to car accidents and the husband had gotten sick. So, she really just enjoyed our company.

How you have to paint when its 95 degrees out and 100% UV
The UV here is NO JOKE!

Friday: Oh typical Friday, you rejoice for them, but now, I rejoice for Mondays. We had weekly planning today and after lunch we did some family history, which was followed by a dinner appointment with Sis. F___. It was an awesome time; we ate an amazing southern feast of barbeque chicken, catfish, rolls and green beans. It was awesome. Then we played games with their family.

Saturday was an awesome day. We woke up and got ready for service at the H___’s (the Cotton City H___s) again. We went over with a church member and I was assigned to paint their elevated porch. Being made of rusted metal, I had to paint it twice. The first time I used jasco, a rust blocking primer you paint over rusty metal so the second coat of paint sticks to the metal better.  So, after going over the whole thing with jasko, I commenced the painting process. I didn’t have time to finish, but I will this Thursday.

Anyways, quick funny story, I had spilled some paint on my fingertips. I forgot it was an oil based paint, so I went over to the hose to wash it off, right? Well, brothers and sisters, oil doesn’t mix with water. So in about 7 seconds my hands were completely white and I had 2 baptisms to preform that night. I was worried it wouldn’t come off, but after half a bottle of WD40 and a half hour of scrubbing it finally came off.

We drove home, to Lordsburg and showered off an afternoon of working in the 95-degree heat. We then had to go start filling the font. Before filling it, we had to clean it because it had only been used once in the last 4 years.  We had to work really hard to get it cleaned out.  Finally, after it was clean, we starting filling it, but the pipes we full of rust, so we had to drain out the rusty water and fill it again. The water was still dirty and rusty - The third attempt was still gross. So, by the time we finally got clean water flowing and we had the font half full, we noticed the hot water had been used up and the clean water was ice cold.  We slowed the flow and began boiling water in the kitchen and added it to the ice-cold water. We did this for about an hour. Then the M___ brothers showed up.  We got them ready, took pictures and then I got to perform their baptisms. Wow, the spirit was really in the room; we had invited 20 people and 50 some showed up. Having the privilege to teach these boys from start to finish and then being able to baptize them was an experience that I will never forget. It’s amazing how through a ordinances like this, we were able to become family - in a sense. It feels amazing. I have no words to describe how I felt. We then had amazing refreshments and then we ate dinner at Bro. H___’s (Lordsburg’s mission leader) house. (I have great pictures from this day but the boys are ages 11 and 14 years old and minors - so I didnt post their pictures. If you would like to see a picture of us all please ask my parents - they would love to show you. LOL)

Font cleaning duty in Lordsburg, NM

What you have to do when the hot water tap doesnt work on the font


Sunday:  Mother’s Day, as I explained earlier, was amazing! We went to church in Lordsburg and I got to stand in for the confirmation of the M___ boys. Start to finish, being able to watch them grow in the gospel is amazing. I then got a big hug from their dad who is a member, that hasn’t been to church in 5 years – due to work. Hopefully he will be able to give his oldest son the Priesthood next week. I’m so excited.  The dad said he will now make time to come to church, it’s amazing. The spirit is real, my friends. After church, we got to eat some delicious steaks at the Bishop’s house, then we got to call home to Mom and Dad.   I love, love, loved it!!! We then had dinner with Bro. H___, (spam and pineapple on rice) and then tried to visit some people but no one answered so we went home.

That was my week; I hope all of yours was good as well.

Look forward to hearing from you guys!


Elder Dickinson

Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 18: The Importance of Family History & Temples

 Long time no talk.

This week has been lack luster and an emotional roller coaster. It had its ups (mostly right before bed) and it had its downs - which I don’t really want to go into detail, because I will just get angry when I don’t need to. 

So, Monday was fantastic.  It was just what I needed. You saw the videos and pictures I sent, so you know what I’m talking about. And, I always enjoy getting to talking to you guys. Mondays are literally what I live for.  Before my mission, I hated Mondays. Now I long for them.

Tuesday. We went to H___ and C___’s. It was a good experience, as always. It was a fun time and H___ is hilarious. Then, we did a whole lot of walking around with no success in finding anyone to teach.  No effort was wasted, but that really summed up our Tuesday.  We walked 8.3 miles which made for a sore back.

Wednesday we drove to Duncan, AZ for interviews with the Mission President, followed by our District Meeting.  My interview went good, we talked about my companionship and turns out my companion didn’t listen to his trainer either.  For the last 3 weeks we have done everything he wants and has never followed any of my suggestions. So, I’m straight up just going to try to do as much service as possible during the 23 days left until transfers.

Me and the girls (Angie & Iris) just chillin' after a hard days work!

During our District Meeting, we talked about the importance of family history and temples. (Sorry in advance to Grandma and possibly others, but before my mission, I wasn’t big on family history – until this week.) Now, over the course of my mission I have found 66 ordinances to perform. An elder in our district made it super personal. He told us all to, "imagine your ancestors or relatives are watching down over you from the Spirit World.  If you were one of those people and you were ready to accept the gospel, but none of your living family members where doing family history, finding and doing the ordinances…How sad or frustrated do you think you would be?”  He said some other things, but that is the best I can remember.

The Mission President also announced - instead being limited to attending the temple 3 times a year, we now get to go to the temple every other transfer, about 6 to 7 times a year.  So, before I get transferred on Memorial Day, I will get to go to the Gila Valley Temple on Stake Temple day. Most importantly, I’ll get to go with Scott and Paralee Richins, my ‘mission family’ down here. I can’t wait!  It will be one of the best days of my mission, so far.

The J's family goats
Anyways, after our district meeting we went out to lunch at Wanda’s and I had chicken nuggets, which were tasty, as always.  Then we drove back to Lordsburg, then drove to Granite Gap, NM where the YM/YW had a repelling activity.  It was pretty cool, but we weren’t allowed to climb, but it would have been so awesome though, right? I made the most out of my time and had good talks with Sis Kerr and Sis McDougal

Thursday was a good day, but not really productive.  We walked around Lordsburg doing street contacting while we walked to our appointments, but they all fell through. No appointment held. So it was a bummer, but we did get to teach J___ in Spanish again. Then we drove 70 miles to Windmill NM for dinner with the J___s. Man, I can’t wait to haven our family ranch!  The J___s are living in paradise! They are growing an amazing garden, have an orchard of pecan, peaches, cherries, apples and apricots. They have goats, chickens, rabbits, dogs, everything. Their family ranch has 20 out of the 60 people who live in Windmill.  After dinner we drove 30 miles northwest to Cotton City and stayed the night there.

Friday was awful.  My previous companion, Elder Degrange and I were able to do weekly planning in about 2 hours.  Now it takes us six. I don’t understand.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been trying my hardest, but I just don’t understand - let alone comprehend - his train of thought. Anyways, after planning, we did family history with Scott and Paralee, got some family names for us to take to the temple. Then, I literally got the shortest hair cut in my life and I love it! Marine or missionary, good luck guessing, lol.

My crazy SHORT haircut! I love it! :)

Saturday we did service at this bike race in Duncan, then we drove an hour to Animas and did service at the H___s.  We will be doing a lot of service for them coming up. We were supposed to paint at Z___ H___’s, but I ended up digging a hole for 4 hours to fix a water main break.  It was a good experience, in general and it was a fun. But there is still a ton of service to do. The water main break happened while we were there, so it was a good thing it happened then. Afterwards, we were all super sore so we watched conference talks for an hour and headed to bed. 

The hole we dug to fix the water line

Me holding the valve and broken hose part
Sunday was a good day.  We woke in Animas and went to ward council, Sacrament Meeting and Sunday School, then drove to Lordsburg and taught the M___ brothers their last lesson along with practicing the interview questions. They passed. So we have scheduled their baptism for May 13th, and I will get to baptize them…hopefully. After this, we went to Bro H___’s house and wished him a happy birthday. Then we planned out the M___’s baptism and then drove to Cotton City again for dinner with the K___’s then we drove to Lordsburg and talked to the Bishop, and this was my week, not exciting except for the baptisms, lol 

Anyways, I love you all,

Elder Dickinson

Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 17: Charity Never Faileth "Caridad nunca falla"

I think I’ve found the theme for my mission up to this point: ‘Becoming more Christ-like.’ In preach my gospel there is a full chapter on Christ-like attributes. It talks about charity and how it is the most important step to becoming more Christ-like. Charity is the pure love of Christ and as we become more charitable, we come to love the important things in life. Whether it is people, as in family, the people in the ATM (Arizona Tucson Mission) or loving thy neighbor I think you can see what I’m getting at.

If God, our loving Heavenly Father, was willing to give his only begotten son, what should we be willing to give? Mom, Dad, family, friends, Elders and Sisters this week I want to invite each of you to become more charitable, whether it is paying it forward at the gas station, paying for someone’s meal at a restaurant, giving selfless service or serving your companions. Time or money - doesn’t matter. Strive to become more Christ-like in all of your doings.  I know as you do this you will be greatly blessed and you will come to realize, "Hey, I didn’t really need that $20 or that hour that bad.”  The feeling you get is well worth paying it forward.

I recall a lesson we had with Sis. B___ in Portal, AZ - it was not only was a good lesson, but she taught us a lesson too.  She told us that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you serve someone is caused by a hormone released in the brain call Oxytocin. It was a great lesson! Two weeks later at a dinner with a family in Animas, this subject came up. We learned that Oxytocin is also a chemical used for inducing labor in pigs. Funny, right?

Anyways, remember the first and greatest commandment! I learned this the hard way, through serving my companion. It has helped our relationship.  After exchanges with our DL, I’ve come to the conclusion that I will just do things the way my companion wants them done, even if I don’t agree, and maybe I might learn something, Quien sabe.

Monday was amazing -  getting to talk to you guys, and Sis. McBride and everyone else. I also enjoyed hearing from Elder DeMille as well.  On P-Day last week I read the last 75 pages of the book of Mormon while emailing with everyone.  Even though we didn’t get to see the other Elders or do something fun, I think I made the best of the situation.

Huge spider in our apartment!

My first scorpion! :O :O

The bugs here are impressive (and horrifying)!!

Tuesday was a better start to the week than last week. I am now re-reading El Libro De Mormon. I am counting all the times God commands someone to do something and then the immediate blessings that follow. So far, I am in Jacob chapter 5 and have found 38 examples of this.  After our studies, we ate lunch, then went finding (street contacting/tracting, but we didn’t find anyone.  The only thing I got was a mouthful of dirt. Yes, we were out in middle of a huge dust storm.  We had to wear glasses, because the blowing dust hurt our eyes too much.  Now that I look back on it, even the Bishop said, we shouldn’t have been out during the storm, but I will never pass on an opportunity to save a soul.

Texting with the BEST Ward Mission Leader EVER!

H___ & C___ cancelled their appointment, so we visited B___ S___ and had a very spiritual meeting about why we should care about Eternal Life. Before coming on my mission, the most important thing to me was playing sports.  Now, I just want to be the best I can be, and to stand blameless and spotless at the last day before God.  Yes, it takes daily repentance, but it’s well worth it. We made a few more quick visits and then headed to dinner with the P___s. We had tavern pot roast. It was super good.  After diner we tried to make some visits, but no one answered their doors.

Wednesday:  We drove to Duncan AZ, met the Duncan Elders and they drove us to Clifton AZ for our district meeting. What follows district meeting in Clifton?  You guessed it R & R pizza! A member paid for us so it was extra delicious! Then we drove to the copper mine overlook for the new elders in our district to see, and then proceeded back to Duncan. We did exchanges and I stayed in Duncan and the two new elders went to Lordsburg. Don’t worry; Elder Rodrigues knows enough to get by. So, on splits we went and saw a family then went out to eat at Wanda’s Cafe with the C___s. After diner, we went to an appointment in York, but they cancelled by calling us after we had waited there for ten minutes. So we rescheduled for Thursday at 1:00.

Rain clouds but, again....NO RAIN!
It hasnt rained since my 3rd day here!

Thursday: We went to see another family in Duncan.  They were super nice. We then went to our 1:00 appointment and the person did the same thing; cancelled after we drove 20 miles to meet with them. That was actually the 3rd time in 24 hours that happened.  Oh well, we then went over to K___ & P___s and played SkipBo for a little while before it was dinner time.  We drove to Virden and had dinner with the W___s, a part-member family. They showed us their backyard. Man, it was amazing!  He has bad knees, so he put in a walk-around garden by using old refrigerators, filling them with dirt and planting all kinds of veggies in them. The refrigerators were paneled with old wood and corrugated tin. They were awesome! Then, our splits were over and we drove home to Lordsburg.

Friday was a long day. We did weekly planning and goal setting which took us all the way until dinner time, so we then drove down to Animas NM and had dinner with the M___s = My favorite people. It turns out her cancer has returned, but she’s a fighter and she is tough. We shared some emotional moments together. Then after an exchange of hugs and a few tears, we were off to do family history.

Yet another New Mexican sunset

Saturday:  Man what a day! We woke up in animas, then drove to Rodeo.  For the second time in 5 weeks, we got another flat tire. After changing that, we went and did service for Bro. and Sis. P___.  The have this giant pole in the ground which the HOA said was way too close to the highway. The post was about three feet in diameter and about 40 feet tall and was cemented into the ground.  Well, we had to chisel it out with a 20lb sledge hammer, and take it out with a tractor.  Right at the most important time the tractor broke down.  If we were going to finish the job, we had to fix the tractor.   Bro, P___ didn’t know what was wrong with the tractor. It wasn’t getting any juice. So I prayed, and then found the problem. I had to dissemble then reassemble the ignition to get it to work. When it started, he jumped up and down and proceeded to hug me. I don’t know how I knew what needed to be done, but man, it worked. After a long day of swinging the sledgehammer and pushing that massive post around, I was super sore and my back hurt so bad, but the smile on his face was well worth it. For lunch he made us un pajarito or a full chicken he made in the oven.  It's pretty cool. It was tasty.  After we had finished doing service, we ended up going to the older K___’s house for dinner. We talked about hunting and a lot of things in general.   Then we drove back to Animas and talked with the R___s for a while before going to bed.

Brother "P's" parajito

Sunday: We went to Priesthood Executive Committee before Sacrament Meeting. I got to say the closing prayer. After Sunday School, we drove to Lordsburg and taught the Mata boys. Then we did our studies, visited a few people and then ate dinner at Bro. H___’s house, and then went to see S___.. 

Half horse, half donkey
P.S. (I dont think he knows!) Hehe
Tonight we have been having some P-day fun at a member's family in Duncan who's son is serving a mission in North Carolina. The pictures below are of a "Duncan ritual" (all the kids do it) or basically teenage fun in the sticks! :)

Just hanging in the cottonseed

Its a "Duncan thing"... you wouldnt understand! :)

Anyways, I can't wait to hear from you, below are some of the videos from our P-day fun tonight sent to Mom and Dad from an amazing member!

Love Always,

Elder Dickinson

Flippin into the cottonseed

                                              I am standing on the far side (4th one to jump)

Week 74 & 75: Cambio Grande (Big Changes)

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