Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 27: It's Monsoon Season!

Rain is a Good Thing!!

This was a pretty good week, now that I look back and reflect on it.

Not only did we get a lot accomplished, but it rained for the first time is 6 months!!  I got my stitches out and while doing service I met someone whose wife’s sister was born in Gresham and  knows me by first name!  We have had some amazing monsoons, had a good pair of exchanges and we will get to go fishing sometime in the next couple weeks.  All around, it was a good week.


Monday:  After I finished emailing for the day, I witnessed my first monsoon! Man, was that something else or what?!?! It was awesome! We ate dinner with a member at Frankie’s Philly Cheese Steaks. Once again, it was amazing - easily one of my favorite things to eat here in Tucson, so far. After dinner, and the monsoon cleared out and we took some awesome pictures of the sky. As always, it’s awesome writing home to my awesome parents!

Tuesday, we started the day by helping a companion set of Elders move out of their apartment - since they were getting pink washed out of that area.  We took them to the transfer site so that they can go on their separate ways to their new areas.  After doing that, we went to the Mission Office and got some commissary (supplies that we needed for teaching throughout the week) After lunch we did our studies for most of the afternoon.  Afterwards, we went and did some finding until our appointment to teach A___, which fell through, because her car was in the shop.  After dinner, we had a lesson with S__ R___, she is a long-time investigator that previous Elders had struggled teaching, but she came to church on Sunday and has finally had a change of heart.  I was able to give her a blessing of comfort and council.  It was an awesome experience.

I had to say goodbye to my mission Grandpa, Elder Pinson (He’s not really a Grandpa – he’s 20.  He trained Elder Degrange – my mission Dad who trained me – get it?).  He died (finished his mission and went home to his family). I miss Elder Pinson already.  He genuinely helped me a ton.  I owe him greatly for getting me through my last transfer in Lordsburg

Saying Goodbye to Elder Pinson (aka Gramps)

Wednesday, was also a pretty good day.  We went to Zone Break-out meetings and I got to meet all the new sister missionaries, which was pretty cool.  After Zone meetings, we had our District Meeting where we talked about our District’s goals, then we went out for lunch at Raising Cane’s - the awesome chicken place I told you about.   After that we had a lesson with K___.  He is out of the hospital and the lesson went very good.  We talked about the Word of Wisdom and giving up coffee.  He agreed to work on that and working towards baptism.  After that, we had a lesson with A___ again and it went very well.  After that we had a dinner appointment with the M___ family and he made us French toast.  After that, we started our exchange with Zone Leaders - pretty intimidating, but it was a fun time.

Yes, MORE rain clouds!

Thursday:  We were still doing our exchanges with the zone leaders.  We started off doing service at the Arizona Historical Museum, cleaning out old exhibits.  It took 6 hours but we were given an underground tour afterwards- so it is well worth it.   It was also a good bonding activity for our Zone.  After that we went to Del Taco for lunch.  That afternoon we went and got my stitches out.  That was pretty interesting.  I don't think my finger was healed all the way and I might have to see a specialist depending how the healing process goes these next couple days.  After that, we went to the mission office and picked up a large print triple combination for S__ R___.  We then went home did our studies then had a dinner appointment with Bro. F___ .   Guess what, we had French toast – again.  After dinner, we exchanged back. I forgot to add we also dropped by the large print copy of the Book of Mormon with S___, with specific scriptures mark for her to study to work towards baptism.

"Zonin'" it up!

Friday:  We did some service, did our studies while we ate lunch and prepared for a lesson we taught A__.  During the lesson, we went over the commandments with her.  After the lesson, we went to dinner with the V__ family and had breakfast for dinner for the third day in a row.  It was good though. We also did some weekly planning. Friday was a pretty slow day.  We did see some hobos shooting up heroin behind our church building again. Ugh, don’t do drugs kids.

Saturday started off with some Zone Sports as the Stake Center.  It was fun!  We played a game called chair soccer where everyone has a chair somewhere around the gym.  Your chair is the goal you protect.  Think of it like soccer but everyone is their own goalie. It’s a free for all and I won. lol. It was super fun. After that we did service by helping someone move for 5 hours.  While doing that, I met a guy whose sister-in-law knows  me on a first name basis.  Apparently, they were texting back and forth and she’s like:  “Oh, Elder Dickinson?  As in Connor Dickinson?”  I almost lost my mind, lol.  Needless to say, I grew up with her daughter,  lol. After this we had a meeting with K___ and then we did some family history until our dinner appointment with the D___ family.   It’s always a fun time going there, and they are awesome people. 

I cant get enough of the RAIN! :)

Sunday:  We didn’t find any new investigators this week, but we did have 5 of them at church. So, that was awesome!  We sat through the Sunday block of  meetings with both K___ and A___.  After church we went home and did studies and other administrative stuff and then we had dinner with our Ward Mission Leader.  After dinner we went to a bring-a-friend fireside about the temple.  Sadly, nobody brought a friend and no investigators came.  It was poorly planned and announced - not even going to lie. 

Always that was our week.

Keep on keepin on!!

I love y’all

Elder Dickinson 

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