Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 24: Lived through history . . . AND broke the record!

This week I was a part of history – kind of!

This week tied, then broke the record high temperatures for Tucson.  This week it hit 117°, that’s the hottest it’s been in Tucson – ever!  This week, our old Mission President finishes up his mission and we will get a new one on July 6th.  I will miss the President, he has changed my life in many ways.  

Also, between June 3rd and the 24th, 1250,000 people went through the Arizona Tucson Temple open house!!!  Out of the four Temples I’ve been through the Tucson Temple is by far my favorite.  It is so unique and awesome that worlds just can’t describe it.  You just have to see it for yourself.
Here is how my week went:

Monday:  After signing off from emailing everyone, we had dinner with our bishop and his family.  It was kind of funny because his oldest son is dating our mission president’s daughter.

Tuesday started off with a couple of hours of service at Beads of Courage, then we went home and ate lunch, then did a lot of stop-by visits in the afternoon.  Tuesday was probably one of the worst days to do this because the temperature peaked at 117 that afternoon.  We made it a point to be out working just so we could say we were part of history.  Granted, Tuesday would end up being a three-shirt day, lol.  Tuesday night, I had the opportunity to give a blessing to an investigator of ours who needed a pacemaker.  Her procedure went very well and now she has a bunch of questions about the church, so it was a very good opportunity and she’s looking very promising. 


Wednesday:  We had Zone Breakout meetings followed by our District meetings.  It was very cool, but kind of boring at the same time – if that makes sense.  Then, we went out to lunch at Raising Canes’ for some chicken and then made some stop-by visits and visited the M___s.   After that, we did some more stop-by visits and then went to dinner.  After dinner, we went and did exchanges with the other elders.

Thursday was kind of a slow day.  We went to Beads of Courage and then did some stop-by visits in the afternoon.  It was a very slow and hot day.  We also did some planning at the church, which was fun – and cool.  Thursday night, we did a less-active member visit with D___ L___.  It went very well and we invited him to go to the Temple open house and work on fulfilling a promise he made to a friend who had passed away two years ago.  We set up a date for him to go, which turned out to be the last day of the open house.  I was kind of worried that it wouldn’t work out, but it did.  Then we exchanged back later that night.

Friday:  We woke up early and went and played ultimate frisbee with our Zone.  After showering and getting ready, we and did service at Beads of Courage, then we decided that our apartment really needed to be cleaned.  So, we deep cleaned all day long while doing our weekly planning.  It worked out very well and now our apartment is super clean.

Saturday was an awesome day!  We woke up and went to a lady named I___’s house to do some service.  It turns out, she was a hoarder and we were there to help her clean up some of her hoard.  It was awful!  We cleaned for two hours and it looked like we did nothing.  We had planned on working for four hours, but we took a break to pick up some water.  When we got back, she wasn’t there.  So, we left a note for her that said we had to leave…it was that bad!  After all of this, we went home to get cleaned up and changed, then the Mission President called asking us to help with the Temple open house tours.  It was a tender mercy, because this was the last day of the Temple open house and we also got to go through a tour with D___ L___ (the guy we invited on Thursday) so it was pretty cool.  One thing that makes the tours so awesome is they are silent tours, then questions are answered at the end of the tour.  It really adds to the spirituality of the experience.  After a full afternoon, we went and got dinner at Costa Vida and later that evening we got to go to a wedding for two of our recent converts at the church.  It was an awesome experience!  Honestly, Saturday was one of my most favorite days of my mission, yet.

Tucson Temple tour guides :)

Sunday:  We woke up and went to church, which was just OK.  After church, we got home, ate some lunch and did some studies – then we went to see a referral.  After that, we went to do some family history after dinner.
That was my week.  Now just imagine doing all of that basically drenched in sweat, because I’m still not used to this heat.
Anyways, hope you all had a good week.

Love you all,

Elder Dickinson

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